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Limited company with capital of: 32 005 240 000 CFA Francs

Business license number: SN DKR 2009 B 9804

Tel: +221 33 859 84 84

Fax: +221 33 868 16 58


Headquarters: Almadies Lot N°2 Domaine du Littoral – P.O. Box: 45367 Dakar - Fann



Tamweel Africa Holding does not require a subscription or fee for use of the website. It allows component operators within a network, organized in accordance with the laws of the host country, to determine the prices to receive for access to their network. Tamweel Africa Holding Group reserves the right to make changes at any time, and without notice, to the content of the website. Likewise, it declines any responsibility for errors or omissions found on the website.

1.Terms and conditions of access and use

The following are the terms and conditions of access and use of the website:

  • Access to the website is free and open to all
  • Users of the website are required to:
  • Have proper technical equipment to access and browse the website
  • Use only qualified operators to do so
  • Operators are forbidden to fraudulently use the website and its system, disrupt the system’s operations, introduce new data into it, or change the text, graphics or photos. Defaulters will be committing an offence punishable by law, without prejudice to other measures the publisher may decide to take.
  • website users must comply with the international regulations in force.
  • Any product and/or service made available on the website pertains to the Group and its subsidiaries. Nevertheless, users can ask the Holding or its affiliates for more information.
  • As for the products and/or services offered for sale on the different websites of the Tamweel Africa Holding Group, the contractual terms, conditions and prices in force at the time of subscription will apply.

2. General notice

The information on the website comes from sources used by the experts working for the Group and its subsidiaries. This information is therefore supposed to be reliable, notwithstanding the changing dynamics in economic variables. The opinions expressed using the information on the website are those of the authors alone. So, the Group and its subsidiaries should in no way be held responsible for such views. Users should pay attention to the publication dates and currency fluctuations on the list of contractual and tariff conditions applicable to the products and services they require.

This means Tamweel Africa Holding accords great importance to the closeness between users and workers in the Group. It does so in order to compare contractual statistical data collected on the website with the realities on the ground. In this regard, our subsidiaries have counseling agents who can be of great service. We also have a website available 24/7, unless there are disruptions within the network in case of force majeure.

3.Technical notice

  • For optimal use of its services, Tamweel Africa Holding recommends that users should contact their service providers to ensure the browser they are using has a secure configuration compatible with the website.
  • Similarly, in browsing the website, users should ensure that the pages they have visited are up to date.
  • Further, users of the website should verify that the IT configuration they are using is virus free and in good working condition.
  • Tamweel Africa Holding can not be held responsible for factors beyond its control and the damage that such factors might cause eventually in the user’s technical environment and especially on his computers, software, equipment, networks and any other material used for access or use of the service and/or information.
  • The users of the website acknowledge they have read this legal notice, and agree to comply with the provisions.

4.Intellectual property

  • is a website whose content (text, static or animated images, tables, graphics, etc.) are informed by copyright protection under national and international law on copyrights and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including downloadable documents, graphics and photographs.
  • All trade names, whether mentioned or not in bold print with the logo of the trademark, are trademarks owned by Tamweel Africa Holding and its subsidiaries (unless otherwise stated). Any use or any abusive use of these trademarks, or of any other element (without prior authorization as mentioned under the present terms and conditions and in the Legal Notice), is expressly prohibited and may constitute a violation of the laws on intellectual property, on trademarks, on defamation, on safeguarding privacy, and on the regulation of communications and statutes. 
  • Any second generation copy, reproduction or distribution without the prior and express authorization of Tamweel Africa Holding is strictly prohibited.
  • Any second generation copy, reproduction or distribution by any means whatsoever is considered an infringement punishable by law.



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Tamweel Africa Holding shall decline all responsibility for hypertext links established to other websites.