Internal auditor

The position holder is responsible for the proper running of the internal control system. He is required to give a reasoned opinion on compliance with the procedures and regulations in force at the end of the Audit or Control missions carried out.

 Key responsibilities:

  • Conduct random checks of accounting days
  • Monitor proper application of internal procedures
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory provisions (notices-instructions-circulars-laws-etc.)
  • Perform random checks
  • Follow up on complaints from customers
  • Play an advisory role in support of bank account managers
  • Monitor requests for financing (compliance with the authority of the CLC and the requirements of the CLC or Board of Directors on any request for credit)
  • Conduct audit missions and prepare reasoned reports
  • Provide follow-up on the recommendations of external auditors
  • Monitor prudential ratios and management standards
  • Monitor bank aggregates
  • Carry out checks on the warranties received from customers
  • Perform checks on the bank’s archives, vaults and assets in general.


Training and experience:

  • 5 years of post-secondary education in Accounting or Audit
  • 5 years of experience in an Auditing Firm or Department