Head of commitments monitoring service

Supervisor: Risk Director
Location: Dakar
Unit: Headquarters

General objectives
The objective of the head of the risk department is to analyse credit risks on the financing requested, and monitor compliance with the terms and conditions for credit.
Key Responsibilities
Credit analysis / credit risk management:

  •  Identify risks
  •  Supervise and process files for credit
  •  Ensure the quality and reliability of the sheets
  •  Review and rate the files for credit under the authority of the Board of Directors
  •  Update the credit rating and analysis sheet

Credit administration

  •  Keep a record of the loans granted by the Board of Directors
  •  Respond to the monthly requests to audit the loans granted/rejected by the bank
  •  Submit to BCEAO quarterly reports on the loans granted to, or rejected from SMEs/SMIs
  •  Supervise (the drafting) and preparation of loan notification minutes 
  • Supervise the monthly review of loan requests prepared for submission by the finance department (verify that the loans are prepared in compliance with the terms and conditions established by the CLF).

Quarterly review of balance sheet and off-balance sheet commitments

  • Monitor the evolution of commitments by sector of activity and verify that it is in line with the bank’s risk policy.
  • Submit reports on the evolution of our risks, the tool for measuring the sensitivity of a sound portfolio to credit risk (stress test …)
  • Monitor liquidity risk: prepare ALM committee meetings and monitor the committee’s recommendations
  • Keep summary record on the bank guarantees received and monitor their renewal 
  • Ensure credit lines are established and submit the monthly statement of authorisations expired/to expire

Training and experience

  • 4 years of post-secondary education with a specialization in risk management, Finance and Audit
  • At least 5 years of banking experience, including 2 years in risk management with responsibility for team leadership

Technical skills

  •  Very good knowledge of corporate finance
  •  Good knowledge of operational risks
  •  Proficiency in Excel and Word

Behavioural skills

  •  Commitment
  •  Communication 
  •  Relationship building/team spirit
  •  Resilience 
  •  Accountability
  •  Customer centricity


Leadership skills

  •  Ability to inspire a team and provide them with a strategic vision
  •  Planning and organisation
  •  Team spirit
  •  Motivation

Career history
Chief of Service – Head of Unit – Head of Department - DGA