Corporate customer service adviser

Supervisor: Director of Operations
Location: Dakar
Unit: Headquarters
General objectives
The objective of the Corporate Customer Service Adviser position is to assist the director in operationalizing the management of a customer portfolio and market prospects for big companies. The position holder also assists with daily tasks in the department.
Key responsibilities

  •  Ensure customers’ files are up to date
  •  Develop and optimize the portfolio’s GNP and profitability
  •  Build customer loyalty and seek new customers
  •  Address customers’ requests
  • Advise customers and prospects on banking products and services
  •  Promote and sell products and services
  •  Monitor customer profitability
  •  Appraise and control commercial risk
  •  Maintain proper portfolio accounts
  • Manage accounts receivable, irregular accounts, dormant accounts and frozen accounts. Issue reminders to holders of dormant and/or irregular accounts
  • Review and renew applications for credit
  • Maintain timely corporate segment applications for renewal
  • Monitor the collection of various fees and commissions (application fees and other expenses)
  • Provide follow-up on the clearance of due guarantees
  • Nurture corporate prospects
  • Take part in report writing, including for the operations manager
  • Make use of the directives and reports from the Director General’s office and other departments
  • Take charge of any other tasks assigned by senior management
  • Comply with ethical rules

Performance indicators

  •  Level of achievement of set objectives
  •  Control over portfolio commitments
  •  Rate of satisfaction of the customer portfolio
  •  Timely renewal of files that have expired
  • Customer loyalty
  • Compliance with periodic returns

Training and experience
4 or 5 years of post-secondary education with good knowledge of the corporate market segment and its particularities.  
Technical skills:

  •  Ability to sell and achieve results
  •  Knowledge of banking and marketing techniques
  •  Knowledge of the individual customer market
  •  Mastery of banking transactions
  •  Good sense of personal organization and initiative

Behavioural skills

  •  Commitment 
  •  Communication 
  •  Relationship building/Team spirit
  •  Resilience
  •  Accountability
  •  Customer centricity 
  •  Good sense of personal organisation and a sense of initiative

Leadership skills

  •  Ability to detect and seize marketing opportunities
  •  Planning and organisation 
  •  Team spirit 
  •  Motivation 

Career history
Customer service adviser – Head of agency or business unit – Network manager