Chief of Service: Accounting and Taxation Unit

Supervisor: Finance and Accounting Director
Location: Dakar
Unit: Headquarters

General objectives
The head of the accounting and finance service supervises all accounting and tax related activities, and sees to it that PCB and CGI rules are observed.  
Key responsibilities

  •  Ensure compliance with PCB rules and CGI provisions
  •  Ensure compliance with internal accounting procedures
  •  Propose accounting schedules and rules for using internal accounts
  •  Supervise daily accounting controls and review of account analyses
  •  Ensure timely clearance of all pending matters and anomalies in internal accounts and ERB
  •  Ensure the timely production of ERB and account analyses
  •  Supervise the production of financial statements and accounting reports
  •  Supervise the processing and accounting of suppliers’ invoice settlements
  •  Supervise the calculation of depreciation and monitoring of assets
  •  Supervise work on reconciliation, declaration and payment of taxes and dues
  • Follow up on the recommendations from the Tax Council and internal or external auditors to the DFC  
  •  Establish monthly reporting on DFC processing and transmission periods
  •  Organise and supervise the annual inventory of fixed assets
  •  Supervise monthly/annual statements of accounts
  •  All other tasks assigned by the DFC Director

Performance indicators

  •  Objectives achieved versus objectives set at the beginning of the year
  •  Quality of accounting and financial information
  •  Timeliness in the delivery of services
  •  Rigour
  •  Assiduity and punctuality
  • Supervision and training of subordinates

Training and experience

  • 4/5 years of post-secondary education in finance and/or accounting 

3 years of experience in the accounting department of a bank
Technical skills:

  •  Bank accounting
  •  Bank accounting plan
  •  Central Bank and Banking Commission rules
  •  Good knowledge of banking operations and activities
  •  Internal procedures
  •  Good writing skills

Behavioural skills

  •  Autonomy
  •  Dynamism
  •  A sense of quality
  •  Rigour
  •  A sense of collective interest
  •  Communication 
  •  Integrity
  •  Compliance with professional rules and ethics 

Leadership skills

  •  Ability to work under pressure
  •  Ability to work as a team
  • Ability to manage and share knowledge

Career history
Head of service – Chief Financial Officer